F*ck It Button

A People's Revolution

As a successful TV fashion stylist, educator and presenter, Zoe Lem recognised the value of overcoming barriers in life by saying ‘fuck it, life is short’.

The evolution of Fuck It Button has formed the basis of a new podcast series, merchandise, courses, retreats and primarily, a people’s ‘revolution’ — all it needed was an identity to reflect it! Zoe asked us to help communicate her values, purpose and objectives in a visual brand identity to use on digital and traditional platforms.

O Street Scotland - Fuck It Button Brand Identity - Smilie Logo and Wordmark

As busy designers, we often get stuck in the loop of scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration and presenting work on the same polished mood boards.

Embracing Zoe’s more dynamic values, we challenged ourselves and approached things differently for this job. The whole studio experimented with new ways of being inspired and sharing ideas. The client had a clear vision of what she wanted the brand to do and her trust in us provided the freedom to approach this project from a fresh perspective.

O Street Glasgow - Fuck It Button Digital Design Concept Layout - Showing 6 Highlighted Options

Instead of the standard three polished proposals, we presented over ten idea snippets — from concepts based on sounds to video clips of people cursing, in an interactive website with clickable objects for each.


O Street Glasgow - Fuck It Button Branding - Workmark Logo Burst Animation

It was hard to escape from the f-bomb in the brand name, so instead, we decided to embrace it. The brand is very much about the good things that happen when you say ‘fuck it’. To reflect this, we paired a straight-talking word mark with poppy colours and a cute smiley face.

O Street Glasgow - Fuck It Button - Smiley Face Matrix Motion Design Burst

Star shapes are a core addition to the brand identity toolkit. Reminiscent of neon sales stickers in a grocery shop, the star device communicates the ‘listen to this, it’s important’ (but also quite fun) message Zoe is trying to get out there.

O Street Glasgow. -Fuck It Button Branding Project - Brand Guidelines Overview

We used Canva to create a brand toolkit and template system that was easy for Zoe to use, including creating covers for each of her podcast episodes and book cover.

O Street Scotland - Fuck It Button Brand - Animation Demo showing Canva Toolkit for Social Media Post O Street Design Agency Scotland - Fuck It Button Project. Spotify Podcast Page with Logo Fuck It Button Big Smiley Star Logo Animation by O Street Design Agency in Glasgow, Scotland

“I welcome creative relationships that can facilitate and realise an idea’s potential and creative possibilities: it’s part of the joy and excitement of releasing a concept to like-minded creatives and seeing how the brand story unfolds. The O Street team listened, visualised and created a brand identity that encapsulated the spirit of Fuck It Button! Thank you!” — Zoe Lem, Fuck It Button


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