The Evolution of Payments

JCB is a major global payments brand and a leading credit card issuer and acquirer founded in Japan in 1961, now with a worldwide presence. O Street have been working with their London office for a number of years.

JCB wanted to kick off their 2023 bi-annual JCB World Conference with a slick, animated video illustrating how consumer behaviour and expectation has changed the way we pay and emphasising JCB’s offering as secure, trusted and frictionless.

JCB - Future of Finance Animation Still

The team began by developing a streamlined concept that could incorporate all JCB’s ideas for visualising the current state of payment technology. 

JCB - storyboard illustration JCB - storyboard illustration process

With a tight timescale and lots of information to convey, we set to work hand-crafting a sharp storyboard and illustration style which embodied JCB’s commitment to frictionless payment experiences.

JCB - Future of Finance Animation Still

The seamless 50-second animation follows a character as they glide through different scenes, uninterrupted and empowered by the effortless nature of modern and upcoming payment technology.

JCB - Future of Finance Animation StillJCB - Future of Finance Animation Still - Logo

“Within a very short timeframe, and with a complex story to tell, O Street worked with JCB teams in London and Tokyo to expertly deliver an engaging visual concept, illustrated style animation. O Street helped us with storyboarding, sourcing audio and ended up delivering an animation that captured the attention and delighted the prestigious audience that attended the bi-annual JCB World Conference held in Okinawa, Japan. ”
—  JCB


“Animation is such a powerful tool for explaining complex information in a succinct and engaging manner. We’re exceptionally proud that we have been able to do this for JCB with a fun and stylish character animation.”
—David Freer, O Street

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