The Future of AI for Finance

O Street has been working with TIFIN since the very start of the journey. As global thought leaders in the ever-evolving fintech space, TIFIN required our continued design support to help evolve their growing ecosystem of brands.

TIFIN Positivly Branding overview

When TIFIN adds a new offering to its portfolio, it’s often a blank canvas. We step in to guide them through the journey of building a brand from the ground up. Including naming, new logos, image seelection, icon/pattern libraries and style guides.

Once we’ve got the essentials in place, we inject that brand essence across a range of applications.

TIFIN Plan IQ Brand Guidelines. TIFIN PlanIQ Branding overview

Using technology to support or enable banking and financial services is still a fairly new field—one full of opportunity—but often requiring an extra layer of explanation.


TIFIN Wealth Explainer animation

TIFIN offer a range of unique platforms and technologies and they need a way to communicate that. O Street have the skills to pull the necessary threads together. From simplifying long, detailed scripts into engaging animations to showcasing platform interactions. We have been creating animations for TIFIN over the years to explain complex ideas in a clear way.

TIFIN Clout Character Animations and Motion design TIFIN Clout Character Animations and Motion design

UI design is a category in its own right. Taking a dynamic approach to their platforms and an iterative process, we frequently work alongside TIFIN’s development teams to craft clean and elegant solutions that feel on-brand, communicating hero data and information in easy-to-use systems.

TIFIF Grow UI Design Stylesheet TIFIN Growbn UI Design Walkthrough

Motion has become the key to a trusted and modern brand identity. With the AI-powered investment app Magnifi by TIFIN undergoing a slick new makeover earlier this year, we helped them to set out a specific approach to animation with a motion guidelines document. 

These guidelines act as the choreography for how the Magnifi brand moves across everything it does—from websites to ads and more. It’s all about communicating the innovation and confidence of the brand while keeping that important human touch.

Magnifi Brand Guidelines

TIFIN Wealth is TIFIN’s latest platform that brings together a bunch of personalised features in one neat package. We crafted an updated approach to the website that highlights this. We revamped their website to showcase what the software can do. Then we took a systematic approach, using content blocks, animated transitions and a set of branded icons to create engaging landing pages that feel friendly and contemporary.

TIFIN Wealth Figma UI Breakdown TIFIN Wealth UI brand Stylesheet

Just like a good story, design becomes truly effective when it connects with the right people. That’s where we come in. On our creative journey with TIFIN, we’ve crafted videos, animations and advertising that speaks directly to their customers.

We bring user interfaces to life with animations, fine-tune video and photography to make it pop and add captivating sounds and voices to create content that resonates. Our toolkit is packed with everything needed to make engaging content that truly stands out.


As is the nature of AI and innovative tech, time doesn’t stand still. Since 2022, TIFIN  has been on a journey to adapt to what customers need. They’ve streamlined their products into TIFIN Wealth, TIFIN AMP and their latest creation – TIFIN.AI.

TIFIN Paralel Brand identity overview

This shift in positioning has also shaken up the way they organise their brand and how it all fits together. As things evolve, we’re continuing to work side by side to figure out their new brand strategy and make sure it shines through in everything they do.

TIFIN Clout Brand Identity Overview

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