– 20 Years and Counting

A glitch in time

Our first project with celebrated their 10 year anniversary — a data-rich fold-out poster, packaged inside a mixtape case. In the blink of an eye, this year marked’s 20th anniversary. Again they came to O Street to help share 20 years’ worth of music data and create a one-off campaign style for Last.20.


O Street Glasgow - 20 Years of Music Data Campaign Logo Glitch Motion

Starting with the concept of ‘a glitch in time’, we created a new campaign identity, that was all about switching between the past and the present. It celebrated’s music data from the archives of the early 2000s right up until today. Working with vibrant colours from the palette, we developed a glitch pattern to be used across all campaign applications and a unique motion style for digital assets.

O Street Last 20 Social Guilty Pleasures Social Media Motion Design Socials Data Design by O Street Scotland Design Agency O Street Glasgow - Last.FM Last.20 Campaign Socials Palette Motion gif

In a digital era, we know how much folk love a bit of post through their door — so a key part of the campaign focused on an exclusive press pack, sent in four parts, each celebrating a five year period of music and culture from the last 20 years.

O Street - Last.20 Campaign Data Print Design PacksO Street Last.20 Campaign Print Postcard Design

We worked with’s data team to bring the stories to life. Each pack included a bonus piece of custom merchandise in homage to cultural highlights from each period… embroidered patch for your denim jacket anyone?

O Street Glasgow - Last20 Campaign printed Postcards and Badges Mailer O Street Last.20 Campaign - Patch and postcards Design Mailer O Street Glasgow Last.20 Campaign -Print Design Postacar and Paper Glasses Cutout O Street Last 20 Campaign Development Analogue Work In Progress Tests

The packs were a hit with users and music press maestros alike, sharing insightful (and sometimes unexpected) music data from 20 years of in an engaging and stylish way.

O Street Last20 Campaign Print Design Postcard MailersO Street - Last20 Campaign - Data Still Images

We took the campaign digital with a zippy series of motion assets and celebrated the same key pieces across socials, with huge reach. Overall the Last.20 campaign posts garnered 5.1 million organic impressions!

O Street Glasgow Last20 Campaign - Social Media Data Motion DesignO Street - 20 years of Campaign Social Media Motion Design Eminem and Gangnam Style

“As soon as I saw the Last.20 ‘glitch in time’ concept I loved it. Everything about this campaign celebrates’s vibrant and rich history of music data and O Street have once again knocked it out the park; helping us share our data stories in a striking way!” — Matt Clark, Head of Marketing,

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