Typographers of the road

Roadliners is a film about inspiration and craft, and the uncelebrated typographers of the road.

While looking for inspiration for O Street’s new brand we stumbled on typographers whose work was uniquely relevant to our company. After getting to know their craft, we decided to produce a short documentary about these unique   typographers.

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Glasgow-native Thomas ‘Tam’ Lilley of the roadlining company Markon agreed to be our subject. He’s a star.


Tam wields an ability borne of 18 years of solid work drawing one single typeface freehand with giant fluid strokes over-and-over-and-over-again. Seeing a master roadliner at work brings to mind a Japanese calligrapher or  renaissance painter’s apprentice (although the molten-hot thermoplastic these boys work with burns straight to the bone).

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It’s not just a job—it’s a dance.

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We worked with filmmaking upstart Pretend Lovers, who were on-site with the O Street team to capture Tam’s story.


If you’re interested in screening or reviewing the film please  drop us a line.

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