The Stand Comedy Club

Who's laughing now?

The Stand Comedy Club has a reputation for bringing top-quality comedy all year round, but they wanted to boost their impact at The Edinburgh Fringe to stand out amid the fierce competition.

They came to O Street for a new visual approach to their presence at the Fringe, alongside a digital solution to their annual brochure, to help drive audiences to their venues and enjoy their shows.

The Stand Comedy Club Fringe 2022 O Street Brand Identity Social Media Squares

We wanted the campaign to represent what The Stand is all about, so we took inspiration from old comic books to bring a comedic, lighthearted and fun loving vibe across our design approach.  We designed a range of graphic elements, from speech bubbles to exclamation marks, that can be used as accent elements across collateral.

The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Campaign O Street Visual Identity Interactive Microsite Digital Brochure

For the digital brochure, we created a  microsite that features all you need to know about booking, venues and deep dives on highlighted acts throughout the festival. The site is whimsically interactive with draggable elements, easy to navigate and designed with the mobile experience in mind – so Fringe followers can explore the site while on the move.

The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Campaign O Street Brand Identity Interactive Icons

We brought the full visual language together within a social media toolkit for the marketing team to roll out future branded content. These templates will make it  straightforward to keep the campaign feeling unified and brand assets used consistently.

The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Marketing Social Media Toolkit - Animation Demonstration

The result is a  unified campaign that  really stands out (sorry), engaging audiences with their presence at the Fringe.

“It was important for us to imbue joy into this project, and O Street exceeded my expectations. Everyone who worked on the project was simultaneously a careful listener and a guiding hand when we needed one. O Street went above and beyond in finding an approach that worked for us, and they brought authentic enthusiasm to it – something which, in comedy, is key.” –Louis Cammell,  The Stand

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