Asking What If…?

O Street worked with architects, designers and communities around the country to imagine what our places could be. Exhibition graphics and visual identity by us, possibilities for the future by the people of Scotland.

What if...? Scotland Exhibition. O Street graphics and visual identity design

Commissioned by the Scotland + Venice partnership, What If…?/Scotland was created by award-winning architecture and design practice 7N Architects. Conceived at heart as a collaborative project, O Street worked in tandem with Architecture & Design Scotland, filmmakers Bash Art Creative, engineers Buro Happold and V&A Dundee.

O Street Visual Identity. What if...?/ Scotland Exhibition V&A Dundee

Designed to be staged in Venice as part of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, What if…?/Scotland responds to the Biennale’s theme ‘How will we live together?’, seeking to re-engage the civic role of design professionals by asking communities from across Scotland to share their hopes and dreams for the future of the places they call home.

What if...?/Dundee Exhibition in V&A Scotland. O Street Visual Identity and Design.

We worked closely with A&DS and 7N Architects to create the project identity plus film and exhibition graphics. Our goal was to celebrate the citizens and their vision for the places they live with a vibrant and people-centred approach.

What...if?/ Dundee Exhibition at V&A Scotland. O Street Branding and Visual Identity

The timing of the exhibition is significant following the recent announcement from V&A Dundee to develop a national remit as Scotland’s centre for design, celebrating one of Scotland’s greatest resources and developing Scotland’s design capacity as a nation.

What if...?/ Dundee Exhibition V&A Scotland. O Street Exhibition Visual Identity and Graphic Design

The What if…?/ Scotland exhibition is now running at V&A Dundee until Sunday 21 November 2021.


O Street were delightful to collaborate with. They delivered exactly what they said they’d do… and then some. Plus they were always good spirited, good humoured and great fun.”

Andrew Piggott, 7N Architects


“This was a great project to be involved with. Hearing the bold ambitions people across Scotland have for their home towns and to see those ideas realised in such a rich and varied way was inspirational.”

Neil Wallace, O Street


All photography © ZACandZAC 2021

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