Seven Art School Life Drawing Disasters

In advance of beer x All the Young Nudes, our noggins have been full of memories from art school’s past. Of particular abundance are disasters we all seem to have experienced at some point in life drawing class. A rag-tag bunch of hormonal 19-year-old students, a nude model, and a three-hour session in a dimly lit studio: what could go wrong? Well, a lot. Here’s a few of the classics:

O Street — Life Drawing

1. The instructor make an example of you and narrates in extreme detail your inadequacy in drawing a particular body part.

O Street — Life Drawing

2. The model falls asleep after 10 minutes. No one wants to be the one to wake them up.

O Street — Life Drawing

3. You keep making eye contact with the model and then you start to worry that they think you’re a creep when really you just wanted to do a good job drawing their eyebrows.

O Street — Life Drawing

4. The model fancies themselves to be a revolution in the profession, and rather than just sitting there, thrusts their body into various yoga and dance postures that are excruciating to even look at let alone draw.

O Street — Life Drawing

5. The instructor puts one of your break-up trigger albums on the ol’ CD boombox and you spend the afternoon quietly crying while drawing a naked person.

O Street — Life Drawing

6. Your drawing has fingers that look like penises and a penis that looks like a thumb.

O Street — Life Drawing

7. You forget your assorted range of drawing materials and instead spend the afternoon exploring the various shading techniques of a biro pen, which then runs out after half an hour anyway.

O Street — Life Drawing

Bonus: the model walks in…and you know them (not in the way that either of you are happy about you seeing them nude).

We’ll be drinking, life drawing, listening to music and hopefully not reliving these disasters this Friday. Join us if you’re about the West End and feeling adventurous!

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