Cub Studio Rebrand

New Character for Cub

BAFTA award winning animation studio Cub came to O Street for a character-driven refreshed brand identity that works hand-in-hand with their distinct animation style.

O Street Cub Refreshed Brand Identity -Rebrand Logo Design - Bear Cub Wordmark

Cub tasked us with developing a refreshed identity system that could be applied consistently across various applications. This included an updated logo, versatile brand assets, and core branded templates, creating a robust brand identity that Cub could use  well into the future.

O Street Cub O Street Cub Refreshed Brand Identity - Old and New Logo Comparison

After a kick-off workshop exploring the team’s aspirations for the new identity and an audit of the existing brand, we got cracking.

Building personality and character into the brand was a key driving force. Now that Cub are an established industry name, we felt it was the right time to drop the ‘Studio’ suffix in the logo. We could then build their brand around a distinct single-word mark  in a quirky, yet clean style.

O Street Cub Bear Logo Word mark Exploration Animation. Refreshed Brand Identity

Before working with us, Cub had struggled to combine their bear mascot alongside a clear logotype. Our collaboration gave us the puzzle pieces necessary to build the final picture. The design solution packs personality into the brand from the first glance, while still keeping the logo clean and legible. 

O Street Cub Refreshed Brand Identity - Rebrand Cub Word Mark and Bear Cub Logo in updated colour palette

Another major consideration for this brand was to create a logo with animation potential. Once we established the foundation of their brand  personality, we wanted the team at Cub to be able to really bring it to life with motion.

O Street Cub Refreshed Brand Identity - Animated Rebranded Word Mark Bear Cub

The custom drawn type and face motif have an analogue charm that lends itself well to motion.  Integrating the bear cub face into the final word marque is a powerful brand tool that is  distinctively unique to Cub. 

 O Street Cub New Bear Mascot Logo Exploration

The animators at Cub have since had a lot of fun bringing it to life with animation, from 3D executions to a more fluid version used on their website.

O Street Cub Brand Identity - Bear Mascot and Word Mark Logo Animation

Alongside the brand assets, we delivered a style guide and templates that enable Cub to apply the brand consistently.

O Street Cub Refreshed Brand Identity - New Branding Design Guidelines

Cub have always had a reputation for creative talent and work ethic. Now, they have a brand that lives up to it.

O Street Cub - Rebranded Logo and word mark design - stickers

“We are delighted with the rebrand and especially pleased that O Street have helped with the return of a more characterful bear logo! We found David and his team easy to work with and their process kept us engaged throughout.”
Fraser Davidson, Creative Director & Owner, Cub

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