Not Your Usual

O Street friends and collaborators ALT and World HQ brought this lovely project for Glayva liqueur to us at the end of last year. With a campaign creative and media strategy agreed, our key task was bringing the visuals to life in motion for distribution on social media.

O Street - Glayva 3D Render Project Glayva Bottle Close Up

Our two key challenges were: making the Glayva glass bottle appear as a semi transparent overlay on the wild moving background textures, and bringing the text and message to life through movement that felt consistent with the visuals.

At O Street take pride in our conceptual thinking and application of authentic visuals. However, to create the transparent bottle effect we had to dig deep into our technical knowledge of 3D rendering and a whole lot of patience!

O Street Glasgow World HQ ALT Motion Design Collaboration Project. Glayva 3D Bottle Render Hero image on Purple Background O Street Glasgow Work in Progress Glayva 3D bottle render wireframe

The final outputs consisted of x10 short videos, each with a unique message penned by the talented team at World HQ (bespoke audio tracks by David Mackay).

O Street World HQ ALT Collaboration Glayva Motion Design Black Type Orange Background O Street Glasgow Collaboration with World HQ and ALT Finished Glayva Social Media Squares Stills

Being part of the team that is bringing this once famous Scottish beverage back to life for a new generation was a joy. It was also another great exercise in the value of collaboration with individual specialists to make something truly magical!

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