The Restless Spirit

A team of business and drinks industry experts approached O Street intending to create a contemporary “Irish Whiskey” to capitalise on the burgeoning market, particularly in the United States.

They had a notion for the name but no brand, no bottle, nor any whiskey. The brief was basically, can you help us bring this idea to reality?

Outwalker - The Restless Spirit - Photography by Peter Dibdin

Peter Dibdin

Working with O Street’s Irish-based pals, SheSaid and copywriter Conor Kelly, we started by developing a brand strategy via a series of workshops and conversations.

Outwalker Whiskey - strategic workshop and brand positioning slides - O Street, Design Agency, Scotland

With the brand tone set as confident, adventurous and contemporary (it’s ‘now-Ireland’, not ‘then-Ireland’) we pushed ahead developing ideas for the brand and packaging. The Restless Spirit brand concept was born.

The evocative, easy-to-pronounce, name
‘Outwalker’ was central to the brand concept. So the label itself celebrates our handcrafted modern wordmark, unadorned by colour, frills, year statement or etchings of distillery buildings.

Outwalker - The Restless Spirit - Photography by Peter Dibdin

Peter Dibdin

The label also sits low on the bottle, as a paper wrap-around, with all the focus on the liquid… and a ghostly figure in the glass. 

Outwalker Irish Whisky Brand Development - Irish Mythology

The Outwalker figure is inspired by the Dullahan, a fantastical form taken from Irish myth and redrawn with a grungy ink sketch to add a dash of contemporary gothic. 

Irish Myth The Dullahan Ink Illustrations by Scottish Design Agency, O Street for Outwalker Brand Identity Outwalker Irish Mythology Characters Animation

As tempting as it was to go wild, the emphasis was on the bottle being bartender-friendly. This set our course on quietly confident designs that stood out on the shelf and would be easy to use in a cocktail speed rail. (Fun fact: a lot of your fave bottle designs won’t fit in a speed rail!)

Outwalker Whiskey Bottle design development - by O Street Branding Studio in Glasgow, Scotland

We designed the bottle mould, keeping things at first glance conventional, but with enough unique details to elevate the design—weaving the character of the brand into the glass, capsule and stopper.

Outwalker Irish Whiskey Bottle Design By O Street in Glasgow, Scotland
Outwalker - The Restless Spirit - Photography by Peter Dibdin

Peter Dibdin


We rounded out the Outwalker identity with a crafted set of guidelines which included photography and type treatments to fully embody the brand concept.

Outwalker Irish Whiskey - Brand Identity Guidelines by O Street Design Studio in Glasgow

To capture the essence of of Outwalker, we worked with our talented photographer pal Pete Dibdin. Double points if you can spot the Holbein painting reference hidden within the bottle shots…

Outwalker - The Restless Spirit - Photography by Peter Dibdin

Outwalker launched in October 2023, at a fantastic event in Custom House Square in Belfast. You can find out where to purchase the intriguing spirit from this growing list of stockists

Outwalker Irish Whiskey - The Restless Spirit Brand Concept

“O Street brought strategic thinking, creative spark and perseverance to what has been a long but very rewarding journey in the development of our brand.”—Adrian McLaughlin, Co-Founder, Outwalker Whiskey


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