When launching a new business, getting the brand right from the start is crucial. Establishing the values and matching the aspirations of the founder is a challenge we relish at O Street. This was no exception working with financial advisor Brian O’Neill to create Onozzi.

Our goal was to start this business on its journey with a confident brand that was easy to use, reflected their values and could grow with them over time.

Onozzi Logo - Brand Identity

O Street met face-to-face with Brian a number of times to distil his vision for the brand into a creative brief and brand strategy.

O Street strategic brand workshop slides with Onozzi Founder, Brian O'Neill

Working with the owner of a startup is a different proposition to many of the global brands we work with. Brian had been thinking about this venture for several years — it was his baby and he had a clear notion of what he wanted.

The process involved refining Brian’s vision and bringing our expertise and insight to the table. Before settling on a design, we explored various routes through mood boards and early scamps.

Onozzi logo on brand patter backgroud

The brand name Onozzi combines Brian’s surname (O’Neill) and his wife’s maiden name (Venditozzi). Our new identity had to provide clarity to his clients in the often complex world of specialist mortgages.

The logo on its brand pattern background displays a bold, clear form over a background of geometric shapes, a bit like a code that has been cracked. We created static and animated versions of this motif for use online and in socials.

Simplified Brand logo for Onozzi Glasgow Stock Photography selection and colour washes. Part of Onozzi Brand identity by O Street

Considered photo choices with colour washes, a restrained colour palette, a bespoke brand typeface and clean space combine in application to convey clarity of thought and a modern sense of style.

Alongside the main website and social media profiles, we built a Canva toolkit so Onozzi can create their own social media content in a consistent style, using adaptable branded photos and text.

Stock Photography selection and colour washes. Part of Onozzi Brand identity by O Street Considered photo selection with colour wash Onozzi Brand Identity

‘We loved working with O Street. From the first workshop, they showed us design concepts that went beyond our initial ideas, creating a style that perfectly matched the brand image we wanted to create.’
—Brian O’Neill, CEO Onozzi

Onozzi simplified logo clock in Glasgow office.

‘Working with people that value the importance of design and branding is both challenging (they have very high standards) and rewarding (they appreciate our craft). And when a client emails you photos of the logo we created on his office wall clock a week after launch, you know we have hit the target.’
—David Freer, O Street

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