Park Road Pharmacy

Our local pharmacy, Park Road, has long been our destination for good advice, remedies and vitamins to keep the O Street team fit and well. When they decided their brand and signage required some creative medicine, they came knocking on our door.

The pharmacy plays a key role in the local community and they wanted to reflect the close relationship with their customers, their location and the wider area in a new identity. 

We worked with the Park Road team to create an elegant wordmark which references  wellbeing with geometric leaf forms hidden within the logo and the pharmacy location near leafy Kelvingrove Park.

Park Road Pharmacy, Woodland, Galsgow - Stationary mockups featuring new Brand Identity by O Street Park Road Pharmacy shopfront showing the new signage

The new logo looks bonnie and feels very much at home on the pharmacy’s Victorian facade. The hand-formed steel signage and traditional green cross light boxes were made by the good folks at BD Print

BDP also installed four large backlit window displays to carry health and wellbeing messages. We recently used these to great effect for the colourful ‘No-well, no-well’ festive campaign.

‘The team at O Street were very helpful and responsive throughout the creative process, and provided a solid line of communication to organise our thoughts.

The integration of technology made for a smooth workflow as any updates to the work were shared via Adobe project links. The ability to see the work as it was updated was invaluable to the overall experience.

What we now have is a set of seasonal posters that brings festive spirit to our local community. The public’s reaction has been reassuringly positive!’— Mr Jandoo, Park Road Pharmacy

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