More art than beer

O Street designed an explosive new look for BrewDog ABSTRAKT, a highly respected and collected series in the industry.

ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-10  ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-22-3

Liquorice & Blackcurrant. Coconut & cacao.  Oats & milk. With wildly satisfying flavour combinations, the whole idea behind ABSTRAKT is to push the envelope on what we expect from beer. We wanted to bring this idea into the design—and blow it up.


BrewDog chose a creative route based around a colourful custom typographic system.


Custom type features prominently on the bottle with stroked out glyphs revealing the latest batch code edition.

The bottle is embossed with the BrewDog marque.


And to give things a truly unique feel—reminding the drinker this is no ordinary beer—the tops of the bottles are dipped in coloured wax keeping the beer fresher longer for die hard collectors.

We put the term ‘more art than beer’ into production with screen printed boxes. Each edition will feature a different colour combination coinciding with the ABSTRAKT flavours.

ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-5-2  ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-11ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-4

BrewDog are notorious rebels, but they’re mad scientists too—it’s been great fun taking part in this creative (and artistic) experiment.

ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-22-2OST-ABSTRAKT-poster-art ostreet-brewdog-abstrakt-9

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