Epochal Brewery

Barrel Fermented Goodness

Founded on one man’s love for traditional Scottish brewing techniques, Epochal clashes tradition with modern craft brewing to create a beer that’s breaking new ground.

O Street’s job was to create a contemporary brand and label system with a nod to brewing heritage.

Bottle and Glass showing Packaging Design for Scottish Brand Epochal by O Street

Epochal is a new craft brewery in Glasgow, founded by champion homebrewer Gareth Young. After rising through the ranks in some of Scotland’s best breweries, Gareth wanted to bring his academic understanding of brewing to his own barrel-fermented creation. 

O Street - Epochal Label Design Spinning bottle gif.

It’s the first brewery in Scotland focused entirely on funky, fermented favour profiles, brewed in small batches and matured in oak barrels with house microflora. 

Epochal Logo Design - Glasgow, Scotland by O Street Design Agency

Gareth came to O Street for a brand and label system which reflected his historic techniques and would also feel up to date with the modern craft brewing scene. As our Label O’Love project shows, we’re no strangers to vintage inspiration, and were soon digging through 19th century reference material.

Product Shot Bottle, Glass and barrel showing O Street Logo Design for Scottish Brewery, Epochal

The final labels reflect the barrel shape all through the packaging design, with a keg curve inspiring the logo. A modern gothic typeface reflects the beer’s contemporary take on Scottish brewing history.

Bottle design for Scottish Brewery, Epochal.

 All this is combined with block colours to create a unique label that stands out in a crowded sector market.

Outdoor Image. Packaging and Logo Design from Scottish Brewery Epochal by O Street Design Agency.

The new brews have hit the shelves in bottle shops across Glasgow, with the bright labels and impactful fermentations quickly becoming the talk of the town.

O Street Packaging and Logo Design for Scottish Brewery Epochal. Ethereal Substance on a bright pink label sitting on a barrel.

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