The Flavour of Film – Green & Black’s x Everyman

Trip to the pictures, anyone?

Experience agency DIVE developed the campaign ‘The Flavour of Film’ with Everyman Cinemas and Green & Black’s. The task was to align Green & Black’s Organic firmly with film and cinema by creating a rich partnership experience in which the product is at the heart and can be enjoyed in a premium cinema environment.

O Street joined the mix to help publicise the campaign over digital, screen and printed media.

To kick things off, O Street helped art direct a video and photoshoot at the Everyman Cinema bar in London’s West End.  Working with photographer Ted Mendez and long-term O Street collaborators Pretend Lovers, we captured the chocolate, film, and cocktail pairings and some atmospheric footage of the space. All surrounded by the most chocolate we’d ever seen in one place.

O Street and DIVE - Green & Black's Digital Campaign BTS Photo Shoot

We then developed a series of short videos optimised for social media and the big screen. We had the joy of working with composer Finlay Mowat to create a film-inspired soundtrack for the main clip, as well as  the iconic Pearl and Dean ‘Asteroid’ theme (which we were scatting along to  all week).

O Street Glasgow Green & Black The Flavour of Film Campaign Everyman Cinema Pairing Menu Design

A ‘Pairing Menu’ was developed to show off the chocolate and cocktail pairings for each film. Inspired by a torn open chocolate wrapper, the menus were a playful concertina format, with teasing content set behind a die cut front cover.

O Street Glasgow - Green & Blacks The Flavour of Film Campaign Design Pairing Menu Mockups

To present the menus, we commissioned the talented furniture makers Made by Hame to create layered display units, with etched ‘The Flavour of Film’ partnership branding and a gold leaf edge.

O Street DIVE Green & Black The Flavour of Film Campaign Everyman Cinemas Pairing Menu Made By Hame Display Unit Prototype O Street Green & Black The Flavour of Film Campaign Everyman Cinemas Made By Hame Display Unit Prototype

We also created a range of online adverts.  All told, the campaign was a huge success, with a 35 million+ reach via on-screen, digital, social media, and print.

O Street DIVE Green & Black The Flavour of Film Campaign Assets Animated

“O Street did a great job bringing our vision to life. There were a lot of moving parts with this project, but they stayed on top of everything and made some excellent assets and short films that really fuelled the campaign’s success. Thanks everyone!”

– Gemma Cole, Creative & Production at DIVE:

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