Full Circle Brew Co.

Boldly Simple

O Street was asked to develop a brand—concept, name, logo and packaging—for a new venture into craft brewing. Meet Full Circle Brew Co.

Full Circle Brew Co Packaging design by O Street, Glasgow. Studio photography of Hoop beer cans on blue background. Packing design for Full Circle Brew Co by O Street. Studio photography image of red and cream Ringer Beer cans on a red background. Packaging design for Full Circle Brew Co by O Street - Studio photography, yellow and cream beer Repeater Beer cans on yellow and cream background. O Street Packaging design for Full Circle Brew Co - Orange and Cream Looper Beer Cans on an Orange and Cream colour block background.

Housed at Hoults Yard in Newcastle, the brewery is an offshoot of Lanchester Wines. They had started developing beer recipes and had bold plans for rapid expansion, but needed a brand to match their vision.

O Street naming development exercise in O Street Studio in Glasgow. Process image listing name options as part of Full Circle Brew Co full brand identity.

With a creative blank slate other than making bloody good beer, we ran initial workshops on site. As they are a family-owned brewery with a windmill on site generating power, we narrowed in on a concept focussed on family and sustainability. 

Full Circle Brew Co. Logo DesignFull Circle Bre Co. Brand Guidelines by Scottish Design Agency, O Street. Slides showing colour palette and fonts.

Our approach for their logo and can designs was stark simplicity. We wanted a design that would pop off the shelf and delight in the hands.

Monochrome Colourwash photograph of Logo Design in situ at the brewery and tap.Monochrome colour wash image showing the Full Circle brew Co. Image in use at the Hoults Yard, brewery in Newcastle Upon TyneFull Circle Brew Co packaging design - highlighted beer cans in fridge.

Whether it’s a massive steel sign, a tote bag or a can of beer, the Full circle Brew Co. logo catches your eye. The brewery already had a bottle shop, so we used it as an opportunity to A/B test the effectiveness of our labels as we developed them. 

Close-up detail image of Full Circle Brew Co. beer can design. Brand identity by Scottish Design Agency, O Street.Outline illustration one from full Full Circle Brew co. Packaging design and brand identity.Outline illustration two from full Full Circle Brew co. Packaging design and brand identity.Outline illustration three from full Full Circle Brew co. Packaging design and brand identity.

Each can features a landscape illustration of a different location near the brewery. Printed only as a raised varnish, these details are a treat for any beer seeker who reaches for a Full Circle beer in the shop.

Full Circle Brew Co. Packaging beer can design showing 3 layout options on an orange background. Part of the full brand identity by O Street, Glasgow.

The studio also developed a label system for Seasonal and Collaboration ranges. Designing product lines that are unique but on-brand is a common task for us. Embracing the circular concept, we rotated the grid and logo for each range. Thanks to our modular label system, they’ve been able to start producing variations for small batches of brews.

Full Circle Brew Co. Merch Design featuring Logo by O Street. Cotton tote bag featuring Full Circle Brew Co. Logo Design by O Street.Full Circle Brew Co. packaging beer can design.

Despite launching just prior to the Covid lockdown, Full Circle Brew Co. has grown from strength to strength. The beer and brand have been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from Full Circle’s local audience as well as beer drinkers all over the UK and Europe.

Full Circle Brew Co. Logo in motion.

Stay fresh out there.

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