Merch were looking for a fresh take on their merchandise range. As a music platform that marches to the beat of it’s own drum, the standard logo-on-t-shirt look wasn’t going to cut it. So they came to O Street to mix it up. are all about data, and we are all about making that data look good. We took inspiration from some of our previous projects with them to create some bold abstract graphics that would lend a theme to the  collection. Merchandise Sweater Merchandise T Shirt Close Up

The shorthand version of the logo was used as a label detail on each item, tying the merchandise collection together with the brand.

To show off the fresh gear, we brought in our favourite models for an experimental shoot with the talented Susan Castillo. Mixing up dynamic poses with musical props brought the products to life and provided with a bank of images to work with. For both their online shop and on social platforms. Merchandise T Shirt ReverseLastfm Merchandise Sweater Lifestyle Photography

Lastly, we curated the merchandise website, stripping the theme back to a minimal design that matches the clean cut style of the content.  

“We couldn’t have asked for more. I absolutely love what O Street have delivered and even ordered one of everything for myself, before it all sells out!”
– Matt Clark,

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