McHenry Brewing Co.

Brew by the Fox, Drink by the Fox.

A craft brewery on the Fox River in Illinois reopening under its original name—McHenry Brewing Co., needed a brand.

After years under different banners, McHenry Brewing Co. has reopened in the same industrial building that housed a brewery of the same name 150 years ago.

In addition to updating a historic seal, we designed two  alternate logos for the brewery to own. The brewery sits by the Fox  River in Illinois. One logo is a simple MBC and the other is a nifty mammal drawn from the ‘M’.


Brewmaster and owner Bob Master is a student of history, which is why he wanted to return the brewery to its roots when he had the opportunity to take over ownership. He also has superb taste in socks. We set him up with some bold door wraps to contrast the industrial building.

Put together, the visual ingredients come together to make a bright and cohesive brand. In addition to merchandise and social media content, O Street also design a suite of glassware, from taster glasses to mega growler bottles for takeaway brew.

If you’re in the Midwest of America, visit MBC and have a hand-crafted brew by the Fox. Just don’t end up in the river.

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