SESI Refill

Reduce, Reuse, Rebrand

SESI came to O Street to create a new identity and label system for their long standing range of sustainable, refillable products.

SESI has been helping their customers reduce their plastic footprint since they set up their social enterprise in 2013. With a strong community mindset established from the get go, SESI are champions of a circular economy and are constantly innovating to move towards a more sustainable, affordable future for all.

Long before the zero waste movement even appeared on the radar of the public psyche, Paul & Rina were whipping up magic formulas in the back of a shed and selling to co-operatives, charity organisations and farmer markets. Together, this husband and wife duo have been pioneering ways to make ethical and sustainable detergents for fourteen years and they now supply over 100 refill hubs across the country!

Whilst they’ve been busy focusing on the formulas, the way they present themselves to the world has taken a back seat. Enter O Street. We met Paul & Rina through our own local community in our Herriard location, and we knew we wanted to work with them and help them maximise their visual impact.


We crafted a new, clean and clear identity for SESI, focusing on an icon based system. It was vital to show the brand as a serious detergent producer in a crowded market of eco-solutions. We crafted a modern logo marque, expressing SESI ethos of circular economy. This then evolved to a series of icons representing the different household supplies on offer.

The SESI labels range from 500ml bottle stickers to 20l containers, that are shipped and shared up and down the UK. So being able to identify a product at a glance in the back of a van was key. We created a robust grid system for over 75 finished labels, housed on an online brand platform that enables the SESI team to make edits as and when required.

In the end, the rebrand was a hit with SESI and customers alike. Their new clear and clean identity helps their range of products stand out on the shelf and provides a workable system for future supplies. Plus, we’re left with enough laundry detergent to last a lifetime!

“We just saw the magic. We love it!”
— Paul & Rina

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