The Botanist X Gill Jacket

Foraging apparel

Designed for the outdoors, The Botanist x Gill jacket is made for exploration. The Botanist came to O Street to design apparel that, like their gin, is an expression of the heart and soul of Islay.

The Botanist makes a truly unique and adventurous gin. To equip loyal drinkers with clothing appropriate for foraging the wild elements of Islay, they are working with O Street to design a branded clothing line.

For this sleek but capable jacket, we  worked in partnership with Gill Marine. As experts in marine apparel, their knowledge of technical, weatherproof outerwear is unparalleled.

O Street’s sketching process took inspiration from some of our favourite outerwear brands and including subtle  design features that would tie back to The Botanist brand identity. 


We worked closely with the Gill product development team to choose fabrics, zip pulls, trim finishes and branding details to create a one of a kind item. The  ‘Wild. Foraged. Distilled.’ label on the hem is an identifier for The Botanist Gin collection.


We also took inspiration from their unique gin bottle—embossed with the latin names of the 22 botanicals—to design a branded collar lining in the same style.

So whether you’re heading out to forage in the forest or explore the coastline, this beautifully bespoke jacket has you covered.

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